Anthony and his wife, Abeer, are happy to bring to the Inland Empire the exotic tastes of the Middle East. Ranked #51 out of all restaurants in the US on Yelp, Sultan Bakery has been Murrieta's royal gateway to the rich flavors Anthony & Abeer grew up with.


Anthony's Lebanese mom and Syrian dad always prioritized dinner time for their loud and larger than life family. Anthony is the meat and business master, putting his skills from receiving an MBA to tasty use. Abeer, raised in Jordan, adores cooking for her family (especially her adorable nephew Albert) and baking traditional, irresistible Jordanian sweets. Together, they bring their love of food and community to you!


Remembering the comforting scents of spices that enveloped their childhoods, Anthony and Abeer know that the most important secret ingredient is family. That's why they are happy to serve delectable bites perfect for everyone. From a light and satisfying flatbread to the mouthwatering chicken kebab plate you won't want to share, appetites of all sizes can find fresh, filling food.(Their nephew Frederick loves their cheese flatbreads and fatayer (spinach pies) while Anthony's sister can't get enough of the filet mignon with extra garlic.)

Ahla wa-sahla to our brothers and sisters missing a taste of home. And don't worry if this is your first trip to the Middle East. Anthony & Abeer will gladly guide you through their special slice of paradise from your first bite through an indulgent dessert of baklava. Come and experience the real Middle East! Sahtain!

It all started over a couple of flatbreads...

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